The Psychology Behind Marketing Direct Mail Pieces

By January 5, 2016 January 26th, 2016 Canada Post, Direct Mail, Marketing, Neurology, Printing

The Neurogy behind marketing is a driving force behind brand recogonition, leading to higher sales. While at the Canada Post conference this past week, Jeanette McMurty brought forth some interesting points in her, “Triggering the unconscious mind for unthinkable ROI” presentation.

Here are 3 take aways from that presentation to apply to your Direct Mail Campaigns.

1) Consumers want to be informed, they DON’T want to be sold

In today’s market consumers make smarter purchase decisions, therefore consumers simply don’t buy into hard selling. For a consumer to invest in your product, you must inform them about how the product relates to them and what’s in it for them. It’s no longer about what you can offer your client, it’s about how you can provide solutions to your client!

2) 90% of all thoughts are unconscious. We are only actively processing information 10% of the time.

Keeping this point in mind, it’s important to realize the difference between conscious and unconscious values when marketing. Conscious Values are a sense of helpfulness, choosing our own paths and our meaning in life. Unconscious values are defined as maintaining security, sexual fulfillment, and honoring tradition. As a business it is important to trigger both these thought processes to get the most out of your direct mail piece.

3) The average person has a 7 second attention span

This is one second shorter then a gold fish, which is 8 seconds. The take away from this point, is that you have to make your marketing pieces clean, simple and creative. Entice the consumer with a unique catch phrase, and have them wanting more. Don’t overload your piece, most times less is more!

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