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But you don’t have to take our word for it – see below for what our customers have to say about us!


“Classic Impressions is a company that is a yardstick of quality. They pay attention to the details that make the difference, and we love how they are committed to making excellence a priority. We trust them with all our artwork needed, and we will continue to use them in the future as their customer service is impeccable.”

Jeannine Krampitz
Intermediate Accountant
R Diamond Group of Companies
where can i buy Depakote over the counter

“Wow, Great service! Ask and you shall receive. We needed a rush order of brochures for an upcoming trade show. Required within 2 days. No problem, delivered door to door and early as well. We had a great trade show, thanks to the great Classic team. If you don’t yet know the the team at Classic Impressions…… should!”

Ed Zielinski
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Inprotect Systems
where do i buy Depakote

“We’ve used Classic Impressions for all of our stationary needs for years! Long before I started working here! They provide us with quick and reliable service and professional products. Many  thanks to the whole team!”

Cheryl Welfing
Operations Coordinator
Focus on the Family
buy Depakote from canada

“I have used Classic Impressions for our printing needs for the past several years and have always experienced fantastic customer service along with a high quality finished product. They go above and beyond to ensure that the clients needs are met and exceeded.”

Jeff Watson
Sales and Marketing Manager
Gaitpost Magazine / Supply Post Newspaper
Depakote buy from uk

“The Surrey Board of Trade has been using Classic Impressions, an SBOT member, for our print projects for several years. Whether it’s our AGM and Advocacy Reports, or just our business cards, the Classic Impressions team makes sure the job is done right and on time – even if it means putting in extra hours to meet our deadline! The value for their services is another reason we choose to work with Classic Impressions! We love working with Classic Impressions and their team!”

Heather Booth
Events and Communications Coordinator
Surrey Board of Trade
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“The team approach and service from outside and inside sales is prompt and efficient. Any inquiry that I have had, they have assisted me right through to the end going through the different colours and options. The personal service I receive from (Classic) is outstanding. I appreciate having Classic Impressions a part of our supplier network.”

Tina Trasolini
CMA  Controller
Ibox Packaging INC.
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“Classic Impressions is an outstanding (print) supplier for our non-profit. Apart from their excellent printing and production, what stands out most is their extraordinary staff. It is a pleasure working with the Classic team; they seek more than just our satisfaction as a client, they actually care. Classic staff members are always friendly and available; so often going above and beyond to meet our requests. Their turn-around on orders is outstanding – very fast production and delivery. I always enjoy communicating with their staff because I know they desire what we do: quality printing. This is what has kept us coming back for 6+ years now, and we look forward to working with them in the future!”

Katie Bolan
Communications/Events Coordinator
North America Indigenous Ministries
how to buy Depakote

“Top notch customer service provided by an experienced group savvy professionals – only a few reasons why we gladly rely on Classic impressions for all our printing needs.”

Jennifer LeBrun
ULAT Dryer Balls
how to buy Depakote from canada

“We’ve been utilizing the services of Classic Impressions for over 10 years, and many, many tens of thousands of pieces. Together with the merge and stuff facility, it makes our job much easier and faster. Always ‘clean’ work, always a smile in the voice. Great outfit to work with.”

Andy Shanklin
Canada Handpiece
how to buy Depakote online

“Classic Impressions is simply the best. As a Marketing & Graphic Design Studio, We need a printer that will work with us to find the most effective ways to get the job done. Consistently delivers high quality work and has a dedicated customer service team that is a pleasure to work with. They always give full attention to their work. They have an eye for colour and fine details and press knowledge that is phenomenal. Most of all, if they see a potential problem, they call. We cannot ask for more. They partner with their suppliers to get the job done. We trust them.”

Paulo Ramos
Studio Manager
Central 1 Credit Union
buy Depakote in mexico

“I have been dealing with Classic Impressions for over 20 years and throughout that time, they have shown a consistently high quality of customer service and have worked above and beyond to accommodate my needs.”

Drew Wilson
Direct Marketing Consultant
Goal Marketing

“Our customers rely on us to make deliveries on time, every time. So we expect the same from our suppliers. We love working with Classic because they never skimp on quality in order to meet our fast turnarounds – they make us look good, and they get it done right!”

Lyle Dewan
First Canadian Messenger
buy Depakote india