Can’t email your file?

You have 3 options. Okay let's be honest, you have a lot more than 3 but time and space are limited so here are 3!

If your file is over 7MB

Option 1:

Easy to use WeTranfser website:

Option 2:

FTP Account

We encourage you to send your artwork files to us via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Our FTP server allows you to upload your artwork files directly to our art department in a secure environment. Your creative content always remains safe and secure. If you do not already have a FTP client installed we recommend using the free open source FTP client FileZilla. Please click the appropriate link below to download Filezilla for your computer.

Direct upload

If you have a file to upload to Classic Impressions and you don’t have a dedicated Classic Impressions FTP Account you can use our Direct Upload Server. Click here to upload your file directly to our FTP Server.

Click here to download Filezilla (XP/Vista/Mac/Linux) If you need help in setting up the Filezilla FTP Client please refer to this link which will help you. To have an FTP account setup for you please contact our Customer Service Department at
If you want to upload a file immediately please use our general FTP account.

FTP Address:
Username: classic
Password: classic

Online FTP Account

If you do not have an FTP Client on your machine you can use our Web Based FTP Client. You will need an online account to use this service. Once setup you will have access to upload and download files directly from our FTP Server. If you already have a Classic Impressions FTP account click here to access our Web Based Client.

Option 3:

We’ll Come See You