Production Graphics

Not sure what direction your marketing piece needs to go or what the dimensions of your artwork has to be for your piece to be printed? We can help assist you, from the drawing board to the final piece.

For now, here are some printing tips to keep in mind

  1. Amount of content: Less is more! The average attention span of a consumer is 7 seconds, so you have to make that count. Choosing key phrases to point on your piece will make your piece memoriable and standout.
  2. Remember to Bleed: A bleed is a small amount of space around your image which will allow for movement when in production. A 3mm bleed on all sides is a good amount.
  3. Typography is Vital: If your typography is inconsistent or unappealing, this will take away any nice design work or image that you have put on your piece. Don’t just pick the first font you see, think about your company tone and image and stick to it.
  4. Stick with a grid: Having a grid to work with is key to good design. Use propositions and composition guidelines for the core of your piece.

Information overload? Get in contact with us and let’s get started on your next exciting project!

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