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Addressed Admail
See Personalized Mail below.

Address Accuracy
Using specific software to correct and validate your mailing list. In addition, making sure the formatting of your address fields match Canada Post Standards.

Aqueous Coating
A water-based protective coating

Accordion fold
Please refer to the where can i buy Depakote over the counter.

Department responsible for collating, folding and trimming various printing projects.

Printed colours that extend past the edge of a page. To accommodate a bleed, the printer must print the bleed area larger than the final trim size. The page is then trimmed through to bleed area.

C1S and C2S
This is a type of paper stock. C1S: coated on one Side. C2S: coated on two sides.

The thickness of a single sheet of paper.

Carbonless Paper
This type of paper is used to transfer information from one sheet to the next. For example, used for creating a carbon copy (Duplicate form) of invoices, invoice books, receipt books or other business forms.

Refers to the four inks used in four colour process printing: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), Black (K).

Procedure of putting pages in the correct order.

The amount of ink printed on a sheet. Usually indicated by percentage.

Crop Marks
Lines showing where to trim the printed sheet.

Data Cleansing
This is the procedure where addresses are removed from a data list if they are incomplete, incorrect, duplicated or improperly formatted.

Imprinting design in which paper stock has been pressed to make it appear lowered compared to its surrounding area. Used for business cards, boxes, books, etc.

A metal device for cutting, scoring, stamping, embossing or debossing. Most dies have a male and female part. The male creates the image and the female provides the reinforcement of the image.

Die Cut
Creating a desired paper shape by using a steel cutting die to press onto the paper and mimic the shape of the die. (Hence die cut)

Drill Hole
Drilling a hole into paper. Used for binder holes, Wire-O binding or tags.

Dull Paper
Type of coated paper. This paper type has a smooth surface and is low in gloss. Dull paper stock can go between glossy and matte paper depending on the manufacturer.

Similar to Deboss, however the opposite. This Imprinting design presses paper to make it appear raised compared to its surrounding area.

Foil Emboss/Deboss
Embossing/Debossing an imaging, by using foil stamping on the paper with a die.

Foil Stamp
Applying a thin film of metal to paper with a customer shape (usually company branding). To do this, custom foil die is needed.

Four-colour Process Printing
Using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) to print small dots of colour, creating an overall image. The balance of these 4 colours will result in an image.

Forest Stewardship Council. This is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

Gate Fold
Please refer to where can i buy Depakote over the counter.

A condition occurring during the printing process when vapors from drying ink on one side of a press sheet interact chemically with dry ink or blank paper on sheets in contact with or on the reverse side of the same sheet creating unintended faint images

A coating on paper that provides a higher reflection of light which results in a shiny appearance. Gloss coatings reduce ink absorption, which allows excellent contrast and color definition

Glue Dot
Used for instant bonding of sheets to a variety of objects.

Grain Direction
How the fibers of the paper are arranged. Knowing the grain direction is important when folding the sheet. Folding on the grain reduces cracking of the sheet.

Gripper Edge
The side of a piece of paper held by the gripper fingers as it passes through a printing press. Nothing can be printed in this area.

A blank space or margin between components on a printed piece or press sheet.

No, your in-laws aren’t coming to stay with you for the weekend. This refers to the positioning of several pages onto a larger sheet of paper

Number of images (Individual copies) produced in a print run

A type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by exporting droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, or other substrates.

Lettershop equipment which is used for the insertion of letters and other mail pieces into envelopes.

To bond a plastic film to a printed sheet with heat and pressure for protection and give it a glossy finish.

Letter fold
Please refer to buy Depakote from canada.

A segment of a mail house where direct mail pieces are folded, nested, poly bagged, tabbed, labelled, manually processed and much more.

The process of printing that utilizes flat or curved inked surfaces to create the printed images.

Machineable Mail
“…mail items can efficiently travel through Canada Post’s automated equipment. These requirements include size and weight, aspect ratio as well as elements of the mail item’s construction” – Canada Post Website (Depakote buy from uk)

Mail List
A collections of Data (names, addresses, emails), used by organizations or individuals

Identifying and eliminating duplicates from data lists

A coated paper finish that is flat, not shiny like a gloss, but still keeps much of the ink from being absorbed by the paper and produces an excellent image

Metallic Ink
Ink that looks metallic when printed. Made with powdered metal or pigments that look metallic. The most common colors used are gold and silver.

M Weight
The actual weight of 1000 sheets of any given size of paper.

National Change of Address

Neighborhood Mail
This is the new term for Unaddressed Admail where a company can send mail to specific postal walks depending on the geographic location. A variety of variables can be used to generate postal walk lists.

When one piece is placed inside part of another piece, such as when an insert gets placed in the fold of a letter or brochure.

Offset Printing
Please refer to offset buy generic Depakote online

When an image from one sheet of paper is transferred to another sheet of paper due to the two sheets going on top of each other. This usually occurs when using Matte Coated or Silk Coated Stock with Heavy Coverage on one sheet and light coverage on the other.

Any printing that is done on an area that has already been printed.

Parallel Fold
Please refer to buy Depakote from canada.

Parent Sheet
Large sheets of mill paper that haven’t yet been cut down into press sheets

Perfect Bind
A binding process where the signatures of a book are held together by a flexible adhesive.

Perfecting Press
A press that prints on both sides of a sheet in a single pass.

Small holes in a sheet of paper created to easily separate two pieces that are attached together.

Personalized Mail
See Addressed Admail…..Just kidding! Personalized Mail (Formerly known as Addressed Admail) in a nutshell are mailings personalized with an address and promotional in nature. See our Direct Mail page for more details and further information on Canada Post’s regulations and qualifying criteria.

Pantone Matching System

A system for matching colors

Postage Metering
A mechanical device used to generate and apply physical evidence of postage to the mail out piece.

Precision Targeter
Used for Neighbourhood mail, this Canada Post generated software creates lists of addresses by looking at the geographic and demographics of a population depending on certain variables given to the program. It also gives the cost of postage for the addresses given and maps of the locations targeted. Check it out how to buy Depakote

The time gap between creating an artwork piece and sending it off to production to get printed.

Press Check
When a client visits a printing company to view actual printed sheets of their project before a full production press run is started.

Process Color (Inks)
The process of using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to build/create any and all colors. The price of printing in process is generally equal to that of printing spot colors.

A print out or digital image of a job.

To position print in the proper position in relation to the edge of the sheet and to the other printing on the same sheet.

Register Marks
Cross hairlines or marks on film, plates and paper that guide strippers, plate-makers, pressmen and bindery personnel in processing a print order from start to finish.

In print, resolution is measured through DPI (Dots per inch). The higher the DPI is, the higher the resolution. The standard DPI for an image is 300.

Saddle Stitch – Binding by stapling along one side of a sheet.

Satin Finish
This type of coating, has a lower gloss level than a gloss finish, yet a higher gloss level than a matte finish. For this type of finish, colors are vivid and sharp.

Score – A crease put on paper to help it fold better.

Using the same paper stock as the text (used in the booklet) for the cover.

This is a single piece mailing, that can be mailed out on its own, without the need of an envelope or wrapper. An example of this is a postcard.

Sheet-fed Press
Printers that are fed single sheets at a time instead of continuous roles.

Special Handling Mail
A Canada Post Term, where a mailing piece has to be manually checked by a person for it to process, and be sent out as mail.

Spiral Bind
A type of binding where a metal or plastic wire is spiraled through holes drilled along the binding side of a document.

Planned paper waste that was created to eliminate human error when producing a printed piece.

Spot Color or Varnish
Ink which has been mixed before printing, creating a solid flood of color which is easily replicated from print job to print job. Varnish is used to highlight a specific part of the printed piece.

A standard layout.

Text Paper
Text paper can come in coated or uncoated stock. Usually used for inside books, letterhead, programs or stationary.

A printing process whereby slow drying ink is applied to paper and, while the ink is still wet, is lightly dusted with a resinous powder. The paper then passes through a heat chamber where the powder melts and fuses with the ink to produce a raised surface

Please refer to buy Depakote from canada.

Trim Size
The final size of one printed image after the last trim is made.

Uncoated Paper
More absorbent of ink then coated paper. It is not as smooth as coated paper and as the name implies, it is not coated.

Unaddressed Admail
Please refer to Neighbourhood mail.

UV Coating
Liquid laminate bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. It is also environmentally friendly.

Variable Printing
Please refer to Variable how to buy Depakote online.

A clear liquid applied to printed surfaces to create a specific look and protection

Volatile organic compounds. Petroleum based chemicals used in some printing inks and coatings who’s high vapor pressure allows easy evaporation into the air.

Wash Up
Removing printing ink from a press by washing the rollers and blanket. Certain ink colors require multiple wash-ups to avoid ink and chemicals contamination.

Web Press
A type of press that prints from rolls of paper, cutting it into sheets after printing. This is generally used for large runs with no heavy coverage.

Wire O
A bindery name for mechanical binding using double loops of wire through a hole.