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We don’t know how to put this but we’re kind of a big deal.  We have many leather-bound books (that we printed ourselves!) and our office smells of rich mahogany. Want to learn more about what went into creating this big box of awesome? Keep Reading!

Company History:

Classic Impressions Inc. started out as ‘Classic Envelope’ and was established in 1989 by Barry Sikora and Bud Moore. It was a time when they recognized a need in the market place for a specialized envelope printing service.In addition to offering a quality product, the duo wanted to provide their customers with a fast dependable delivery time, every time. And as it turns out – Barry and Bud each brought the right amount of knowledge and expertise to undertake such a venture.

Printing envelopes proved to be a successful endeavor for the two entrepreneurs and during the early growth of the company they decided to expand their product list to include sheet printing. They wanted to create a convenient place where their customers could order the entire package, all in one place.

What they had done was create a one stop shop for printing and mailing. As the years passed, more machinery was purchased and more employees were hired. What started out as a modest one press shop with only 7 employees (including the 2 owners), has expanded to include 13 printing presses and 22 employees! Since the beginning, Classic has vowed to maintain a fast delivery commitment to their customers without sacrificing quality. In their very first year, Classic Impressions implemented an ISO 9002 based Quality Management System (Q-Base) and now stands as a leader in the market place with respect to product quality, turnaround times, excellent customer service, and the highest levels of product knowledge.

Our customers are of prime importance and that is why we treat every one of your orders with care. Making sure that we adhere to our principles of excellence has become a top priority for the Classic Team. Q-Base audits our levels of quality, control of goods and services every 6 months, making sure we are always on top of our game.

Classic fulfills its customers’ needs with an ability to print it all – 1 to 4 colour envelopes and sheets with both offset and digital printing capabilities.

In 2014, Classic Impressions expanded its services to include a full service lettershop. From the
drawing board to mailing specifications (Classic is partnered with Canada Post), we can do it all
under one roof!